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Mega Outdoor Wheel

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Mega Outdoor-72

PLEASE NOTE: Wheels require bearings in order to be functional. If you already have inline wheels you are able to remove your current bearings and reuse your bearings in new wheels. This is time consuming and if you have never replaced bearings before it is not reccommended to do unless prior experience. Bearings can be damaged when removing and inserting if excess force is used. We strongly reccommend buying bearings with your wheels. If selected, bearings will be installed in wheels prior to shipping. 

Sold individually - 1 wheel- $8.50

Bearing kit comes with 16 bearings which is good for 8 wheels, each wheel requires 2 bearings. 


*If you are wanting to rocker your V&M frame by changing up the wheel sizing: Small frames are equipt with 68mm wheels, in order to rocker you will want to select x2 - 72mm wheels to replace the center wheels on your frame. If you have a Medium/Large/XL frame you will want to select x4 - 68mm wheels to replace the first and last wheel on your frame.* (if you are unsure about what size wheel your V&M frame is equipt with wheel sizing is shown on both on the wheels as well as on the frame itself. )


Mega Outdoor Wheel - Great replacement wheel for Pick skates, Snow White frames or SD Pro, or V & M inline figure frames

  • Slot Core Technology increases rebound and overall grip
  • Test Proven Urethane
  • High rebound urethane for superior grip and wear

2 sizes available:



ABEC-9 used for bearings. 

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