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Paramount Blades

Paramount Blades

Up to 50% Lighter and Stronger & More Accurate

When combining ice skating Paramount blades with some of the new lightweight boots on the market, a skater can lose up to three pounds per blade/boot combination. Paramount Sk8s are a single extruded piece of diamond shaped aluminum, giving incredible strength to your blades, translating to more power, control as well as much more aesthetically pleasing. The extra strong, lightweight, one-piece aluminum construction is virtually unbreakable. The rocker profiles of the freestyle blades are the same as the Pattern 99, Gold Seal, and Phantom Blades. The profile and width of our Dance Blade is the same as the MK Gold Dance Blade. 

CNC Computer Machined

Paramount Sk8s has the only blades on the market with CNC Computer Machined profiled rockers, giving them the highest accuracy, and making every blade precise and identical. Jackson, Wilson, MK, and Eclipse all grind hollow in by hand, which can leave room for inconsistencies. Our blades are exact, requiring no adjustment period between blade sets. There is no longer a need to "re-learn" how to skate on a "new" pair of blades due to our tolerances being the tightest in the industry. All of our lift angles are identical to specs. Enjoy the perfection of these Paramount Skate Blades for sale.  

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