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How to Measure for Skates

How to size skates for Length

  1.  For just the length measurement, stand up straight with your heels against a flat wall.
  2. Have someone help you and place a dot or line on the floor right in front of your longest toe.
  3. Measure from the wall to this dot - Do this for BOTH FEET and write down the EXACT measurement to the 1/16th of an inch or to the MM (metric)
NOTE!  Please give us the exact measurements when calling for assistance
(If you build in growing room and then we add growing room, your skates will be too big)

 Edea Measurements
6 point measurements and Feet tracings can be taken for more accuracy.  For a foot tracing emailed or faxed, please make sure the measurement line for length and width are clearly identified with the measurements.  You can fax them to 602-494-2403 or email them to


  1. Trace the outline of both feet (in relaxed sitting position). Keep pencil in upright or vertical position 90 degrees to floor, close to foot.
  2. Measure tip of toe to center of heel in Inches and write it down on the tracing
  3. Use a flexible tape measure and measure the Ball, Instep, Heel, Ankle and Top in the sitting Position.
  4. Skater Data: Include skaters Age, Height, Weight, and Test Level, Frequency of skating, previous skate and blade brand and sizes.
  5. Email or Fax information to Discount Skatewear (Fax) 602-494-2403, Email:

 *Important Notice*

After you get your foot measurements, you then want to look at the size chart for the skate brand you are interested in.  The size charts give you the exact measurements of the skate.  So if your foot is 9.5 inches long, you DO NOT select a boot that is 9.5" long.  Most skates triangulate at the front and you need to give yourself approx 3/16" or 5-7mm of space.

Edea Boot Sizing chart

Riedell Roller skate sizing chart

Jackson Skate sizing Chart

Riedell Ice Sizing chart

Suregrip Size chart


 Tips to consider

  • If you are unsure on how to size roller/ice skates please call us for assistance 602-494-2400 9-5 Mon-Fri MST
  • Rule of thumb - Most skates, both Ice and Roller size 1 size smaller than your America Shoe size. (For example 7.0 shoe = 6.0 Skate)
  • Almost ALL Roller Skates are in Men's sizing (unless otherwise specified) so if you are a Women's 8.0, you would need to convert 1 size from men's to women's and then 1 size from men's to skate (8.0 women's = 6.0 Roller Skate - Rule of Thumb **** take measurements)
  • Always give yourself 3/16, or 5-7mm of space from your exact measurement - skates Triangulate at the front...feet do not.


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