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Inline Figure Skates

Roller skates or inline figure skates are designed specifically so you can figure skate outside. Find any flat surface, your garage, underground parking lot, or tennis court, and transform that surface into a sheet of ice with these specially designed figure inline skates.

Pic Skate, Snow White, SD Pro, Linea V & M and the new IFS PRO - All do exactly the same thing, they are all designed to simulate ice skating on wheels.  They are just different brands, different quality, different look, with some different features. If you are looking to skate outside and practice your techniques because the rinks are all closed, any of these outdoor inline skate brands work. 

IFS PRO - Brand new 3 wheel inline figure skate frame.  This frame can be mounted to any ice skate boot.  We recommend this frame for beginner to intermediate freestyle ice skaters, dancers, and Synchro skaters. This is also a great frame for first time inliners and Adult inliners.  All three wheels are at touching the ground, so it is one of the most stable inline frame sets. This feature gives you much more and edge power and speed. This frame has a standard adjustable toe stop (pick) that can be fine tuned to your individual preference. the toe stops are readily available and have American standard threading. The IFS Pro have specifically been paired with Abec 9 professional bearings and 82A outdoor wheels designed for asphalt, tennis and basketball courts and textured surfaces. Almost all other brands were originally designed to skate inside in roller rinks and come with indoor wheels that will shred very quickly outside.

Jackson Mirage - The new Jackson Mirage frame is pretty fantastic for the price.  It is an extruded aluminum frame with a walking curve mounting plate.  The plate fits most ice skates better than any other frame and is one of the easiest to mount - especially if you plan to do it yourself.  It mounts very similar to an ice skate blade.   The wheels are vey cool translucent white specifically designed for skating outdoors. This outdoor inline skate frame has limited availability so best to order one ASAP. 

SD Pro Starlight - This frame is imported from Spain. This frame specifically designed to skate and train for freestyle skating.  When skating the frame is designed for the skater to be on either the front two wheels or the back two wheels creating a rocker effect.  The SD PRO comes with a hybrid indoor/outdoor wheel (which means it can be used either inside or outside - not both) the Starlight has a harder wheel in the front position for better wheel wear when you spin.  Also with an adjustable toe stop (metric) can only be found at specialized roller stores.  This frame is anodized extruded aluminum that is very strong and light and can handle all levels from beginner to professional skaters of all weights.

Snow White - This frame is imported from Taiwan - It is very similar to the SD Pro Starlight. Snow White skates come with Speed Max indoor wheels. Also a metric toe stop.  

Linea -  Made by Roll line - Imported from Italy.  There are 2 key features that make this plate special. First the rear wheel has 2 positions inside and outside.  You can adjust the rear wheel to simulate a short mount for mobility or full mount for power and stability.  Second, the center wheel can bee adjusted to either a rocker position or an inline position like the IFS Pro.  It gives you the best of both worlds for both styles of skating.  It is also the most expensive of all the frames.

Pic Skate - The pioneer - The first inline figure frame. Pic has 2 different frame types, 3 wheel or 4 wheel. The 4 wheel is much more stable for adult or beginner inliners; by eliminating the chance of having your feet shoot out in front of you and falling backwards.  The 3 wheel is comparable to the other brands.  Pic uses a proprietary pick ball for the toe pick.  this can only be found at Pic Skate dealers or directly from the manufacturer.

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