Project Pinup Skate Leash - Rubber Ducky Print

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Pink Roller Skates Print Skate Leash with D Rings - Adjustable - Yoga Mat Strap - Skateboard Sling

Professionally sewn and very durable! This skate leash is perfect for carrying your roller skates, skateboard or yoga mat as the straps are adjustable!

The Basics:
♥ Measures 2" Width x 0.06" Thickness approx 46" Length (when on roller skates but in total 54" Long)
♥ Will not stretch or color bleed
♥ Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Welded D rings sewn into each end for quick looping
♥ Semi-Water Resistant
♥ Mold, Mildew and rot resistant
♥ 100% Polypropylene

Place each loop through your skates, yoga mat or skateboard trucks, and pull snug. Each loop is fully adjustable and hold onto your gear to ensure they stay in place. The strap is very compact and can easily fit in your purse or pocket when out and about.